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If you would like to register for Raise Your Voice Choir Festival 2019, please read the registration guidelines 
below and then click register now.

Registration for the festival is FREE!
Registrations close 30 August.

All registering participants will be required to provide:

  • Name

  • Vocal part (Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass)

  • Singing experience(none is required, but it’s good to know)

  • Preferred song style (pop, rock, world, folk, classical, etc)

  • T-shirt size.

Raise Your Voice Choir Festival 2019 registration includes:

  • Access to rehearsal tracks, sheet music and lyrics of the songs being performed

  • The appearance of your name in the festival program

  • A souvenir T-shirt.

​How to register

NOTE: If you are an individual singer or musician you do not need to select a contact person, just complete the registration process yourself.

1. Select a contact person to liaise with Raise Your Voice Choir Festival.

2. Get the contact person to send an expression of interest to the event coordinator Vicki Bos using the link at the top of this page.

3. The contact person will be sent a link to a registration form.

4. The contact person will determine who will be participating (the more the merrier!) and register them using the registration form provided. The contact person will then pass on relevant information about the festival to participants.

The contact person is also welcome and encouraged to attend pre-event workshops, meetings and rehearsals, as well as the event itself.

Additional Information

Language Schools:

  • Both students and staff are welcome to participate.

  • Participants can be singers or musicians. All musicians must have their own instruments.

  • No singing experience or talent is required.

  • Participation in this event is worth promoting. The experience will be beneficial for students’ linguistic development (pronunciation, fluency, intonation, confidence, vocabulary, etc), it will help them meet Australians, make diverse friends in the community, and express themselves emotionally in English through song.

​Community Choirs:

  • Your choir will be invited to perform 1-2 songs from your repertoire. One month prior to the festival, Event Coordinators will send a contingent of international students to your choir’s regular rehearsals, so that they can practise with you.

  • Let us know your song choice before 30 July so that copyright permissions can be obtained (this will be arranged by the event coordinators).

  • Choir leaders are welcome to bring their own accompanist, or request one in advance.

Individual musicians and singers:

  • Individual singers will be allocated to a choir, and sent lyrics in advance.

  • Individual musicians must have their own instruments. Amplification will be provided.

  • Individual musicians will be asked to accompany one of the choirs, and/or join the band for the mass choir songs. Please indicate your preferences on the registration form or in writing to event coordinators.


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